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N. 4 - 2 mar 2011
ISSN 2037-4801

International info   a cura di Cecilia Migali


‘Informatica e diritto‘ journal , special issue

The international journal 'Informatica e diritto', edited by Daniela Tiscorna, researcher at Cnr-Institute of legal information theory and techniques (Ittig) is planning to publish a special issue on Open data next June, and has put out a call for contribution.

Open data constitute one of the most important innovations in the Internet world, because, by enabling the immense non-structured knowledge of the web to be processed and 'consumed', an unlimited panorama of applications is opened up. Many initiatives, experiences and good practices are developing around the panorama of the openness of public sector information (Open psi), and, in parallel, discussions and analyses on its positive impacts, on obstacles to it and on the risks that the Open society may produce are emerging.

The aim of this special issue dedicated to Open data and the re-use of public data is to bring together contributions that analyse the phenomenon of the openness of public data from many different points of view (legal, economic, social and theoretical), that describe experiences and good practices, that compare approaches in the international panorama, point out risks or set out theories and proposals.

Major topics of interest may include: legal aspects linked to re-use (licensing, Ipr management, data protection..); economic aspects (economic value of data, costs recovery, added value); technical aspects (data identification, semantic interoperability, standards, linguistic barriers, semantic web languages, etc.); re-use policies and e-participation policies; transparency and efficiency of public administrations; supply of new services for citizens; new commercial models for data distribution; data quality, reliability and security; risks of linked data.

The topic will interest both creators/distributors of public data and users, such as the scientific community businesses re-users, and, above all, citizens.

Authors are invited to submit contributions (in English, Italian or French) not exceeding 20 pages in length in any of the following formats (Word, Open Office, pdf). Submissions should be sent to Daniela Tiscornia (tiscornia@ittig.cnr.it) and to Simona Binazzi (redazione_IeD@ittig.cnr.it)

Dead line for title and abstract is March 8, 2011.

Fonte: Daniela Tiscornia, Istituto di teoria e tecniche dell'informazione giuridica, Firenze, tel. + 39 055 4399 620, email tiscornia@ittig.cnr.it

Per saperne di più: - www.ittig.cnr.it/