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N. 3 - 13 feb 2013
ISSN 2037-4801

International info   a cura di Cecilia Migali


Esof 2014: call for proposals

With 'Science Building Bridges' as the motto, Esof2014 has research, education and innovation as its focus. The largest pan-European general science and science policy conference, organized by Euroscience, will take place in Copenhagen on 21-26 June 2014 and will gather both young and established researchers to facilitate a dialogue between business leaders, media, policymakers and the wider public.

The sixth edition of the event is designed as an open platform for debating science and as a showcase for European and global research at all levels. The conference programme will be truly cross-cutting and multidisciplinary and the programme is accompanied by an ambitious outreach programme, including a special section for children and the younger generation.

Proposals should be sent within May 9, 2013 (See the call) and should address the following themes: 'The healthy society'; 'A revolution of the mind'; 'Global resource management'; 'Learning in the 21st century'; 'Green economy'; 'Material and virtual world'; 'Urbanization, design and liveability'; 'Science, democracy & citizenship'.

Per saperne di più: - esof2014.org/