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N. 16 - 12 nov 2014
ISSN 2037-4801

International info   a cura di Cecilia Migali


Public management and social responsibility

'Public management as corporate social responsibility' is the new book edited by Massimiliano Di Bitetto, Cnr head of the central office for planning, Paolo D’Anselmi and Athanasios Chymis. It bridges the gap between mainstream Corporate Social Responsibility (Csr) confined to the for-profit corporations - and the vast bodies of workers and organizations that make up government and its public administration.

The book argues that Csr must be brought to bear with government. In government in fact, knowledge management is not a linear process, but the result of working with passion of the parts, implying discretionary behaviour and creativity which in turn imply choice and responsibility. Cases ranging from the Usa to Central America, New Zealand and Europe all confirm the complex nature of public management, entailing partnership synergy for disaster recovery, the intertwined link between management and new technology and mindfulness at individual level. The cases are set in a framework by theoretical essays on bureaucratic behaviour and unknown stakeholders.

Public-sector management has long drawn upon principles, tools, and techniques developed in the private sector, aiming to infuse bureaucracies with touches of efficiency and productivity. But good governance is also central to good management. This volume shows how ideas from the Corporate Social Responsibility movement apply to the governance and administration of public agencies. A series of detailed and informative case studies, written by researchers and practitioners with deep knowledge of their industries and agencies, explores the challenges of managing public and government agencies in a socially responsible manner.

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