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CNR: Alamanacco della Scienza


N. 7 - 18 apr 2012
ISSN 2037-4801

International info   a cura di Cecilia Migali

International info

A book on satellite archaeology  


This volume, edited by two Cnr researchers, focuses on new challenging prospects for the use of Earth observation in archaeology, providing a detailed analysis of this revolutionary scenario. It will be presented in Rome, at Cnr on May 8


di Cecilia Migali

A grid-based 'Google' to fight neurological disease  


Neugrid project, the pan-European grid computing infrastructure, has opened up new channels of research into degenerative neurological disorders and other illnesses, while also holding the promise of quicker and more accurate clinical diagnoses of individual patients


di Cecilia Migali

Chemical pollution in Europe's seas  


New Marine Board-Esf position paper sheds light on the gaps in our efforts to monitor and regulate chemical pollution in Europe's seas. It will be presented at the European Maritime Day in Gothenburg on May 21


di Cecilia Migali

A conference on the value of excellence  


The meeting organized by the Danish Presidency of the Erc is taking place at Aarhus University (Dk) on April 18-20. Helga Nowotny, Erc President, says: "With internationally acknowledged criteria we can support the very best people with the most ambitious ideas"

di Cecilia Migali